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Jolli. = Jollification: To meet and to celebrate in good spirits. It is where the word Jolly comes from.
Fi. = Fidelity: To protect to keep one’s identity private with security all the while creating trust.

# The ultimate VIP delivery system.

The only white labeled event promoter’s concierge VIP delivery system and service.

Making exclusive access even more accessible to all, and at the same time becoming even more exclusive.

# The ultimate event planning app!

Bringing celebration together safely and securely for all !!!

# One platform to host your event securely and safely on.


Jolli-Fi is a new technology to help an individual host an event with ease. By allowing the host to know what guests and when they are going to arrive without their guest being harassed or followed. Allowing guests to arrive in good spirits and with their identity kept with complete assurance. If followed thanks to the technology the host and guest will know of the intrusion easily. The host does not need to have to deal with the hassle of: 1. Making sure everybody has the correct directions.; 2. Not having to worry if everyone understands the directions.; 3. Whether their guest get to the event safely.; Or 4. Have to wonder if their guests are on their way from their different starting points.

With Jolli-Fi’s analytics the host will know what guests invited what guests, so the host will know who is responsible for the troublesome guests that have been invited. The platform will also allow the host to take their party or event to the next level by taking away the big problems that come with hosting an event by helping with the inviting, the traveling, and greeting of guests to the event including saying goodbye. Jolli-Fi makes this whole process enjoyable and fun by turning it into a game for the guests. We ensuring the hosts guests are protected with our unique GPS, Geo-locational, and analytical technology. Allowing the host to set different levels of discover-ability and security for the event ensuring that only their invited guests arrive. The plateform also gives the host the unique option at a push of the button to meet strangers by allowing and inviting interesting, but similar people to discover their hosted event, thus allowing their event to go viral.

Enhancing the Party with Tech

A unique experience that makes arriving at the event an adventure for your VIP guests setting their anticipation at a very high level causing them to be more enthusiastic before the event/party.

Elite Hosts

Exclusive events hosted by your favorite DJs, Music Producers, and Influencers.

Higher Level of Event Security

Patented advanced event management software that creates a new level of tougher security as a gatekeeper that replaces the need of a doorman.

A More Intimate and Exclusive VIP Experience

A party / adventure that makes your VIP experience one of the most intimate, exclusive, and secure memorable experiences you will ever have in your lifetime.

What is Jolli-Fi?

Jolli-Fi is a complete cloud-based ticket brokering system with multiple layers of security.

What makes your service different from others?

We pride ourselves in knowing the unseen angles in enhancing and improving your event-goers experience. We’d like to do this by combining what the event goer wants with our own innovative technology.

How does Jolli-Fi work?

Jolli-Fi uses your phone’s GPS to verify a user’s identity and locatio

Does Jolli-Fi and Pass Application work with Airplane Mode turned on?

Yes, both will work in Airplane Mode. Just make sure that the GPS in your phone is turned on since its what Jolli-Fi uses. Please make sure that all push notifications in the Pass Application are active.

If I’m unable to attend the event, can I get a refund?

There are no cancellation and refund in 3 hours less before an event. However, based on special circumstances, we will be glad to credit you towards another event.

What if I forgot or lost my phone prior to and event?

We make sure to have a backup list of event participants. There will be Jolli-Fi concierge to help, escort, conduct and monitor an event for the event host.

Third-party buy and sell of ticket passes?

What if I get lost at a Jolli-Fi event?

Rest assured there will a Jolli-Fi concierge at the first waypoint destination to help guide you if need be.

Does the pass include cover to the drinks bar?

Passes do not include cover to bar, but you get 3 discount tickets for the drinks with each pass.

What organizations does Jolli-Fi support?

Jolli-Fi supports non-profit organizations that are local to the individual event. We believe in supporting local businesses and local non-profit organizations.

Will a Jolli-Fi event be canceled due to unexpected weather?

No, events will not be canceled. Jolli-Fi has the ability to move an event at the last minute. Kindly pay attention to the instructions within the Pass Application as push notifications will come in for re-direction and updates.

Who can I reach for assistance during an event?

Every event will have a Jolli-Fi concierge, they will be the liaison between the event host and Jolli-Fi technical support, both business and legal. For an extra fee, an additional concierge may be provided for more support during and event.

How do I use the Pass Application?

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